Student Housing
The College has lodging on its Rockport campus for approximately 100 students. These accommodations include a number of local residences, a 25-unit motel, a 30-room on-campus residency, apartments and local homes. A student housing manager is on duty to handle housing issues. Resident assistants are assigned to each residence to oversee the safe and quiet atmosphere.


Student Activities Fee
A fee of $150 per term is assessed each student in residence to cover a variety of non-academic services, including receptions, guest speakers, exhibitions, the high speed Internet access and an Internet Cafe and a student accident insurance policy.


WiFi and Printing
Students have access to the Internet thoughout campus via WiFi connectivity. A B&W laser printer is available in the Campus Residence lounge for student use.


The Library
The Maine Media College Library is located in the Haas Building. There are standard reference works, both specialized and general, as well as periodicals, CDs, videos, DVDs, and audio tapes on a variety of subjects. Books and other materials on the work of past and contemporary imagemakers are represented. There is a study and research area located adjacent to the library. All MMC students are eligible for Rockport Library cards and may use the Rockport Public Library.


Mental Health & Substance Abuse Counseling
Should a student have need of professional counseling, Maine Media College has an informal relationship with MidCoast Mental Health of Rockland, a bordering town, for professional substance abuse or mental health services.


Student Accident Insurance
Maine Media College provides student accident insurance to full-time students in residence. This insurance requires a $50 deductible per incident. Sickness is not covered by this policy.


The entire campus has been inspected by the state fire marshall and is in compliance with all current codes. Two of the buildings are sprinklered, all have smoke and flame detectors and alarm systems. All labs are in compliance with the State DEP with regard to the safe disposal of hazardous waste. 


Student Transcripts

The admissions office is responsible for processing applications and registrations. The registrar processes financial aid applications, the transfer of credits and maintains student records. Credit letters, transcripts and liaisons with other institutions are also administered by the registrar. Transcripts are both computerized and available in hard copy.


The Student Handbook
This manual contains policies on all aspects of student life, academic policy on probation, dismissal and procedures for grievance. Each student receives the handbook upon arrival, and it can be downloaded here:

Download the Student Handbook


Handicapped Access
The Workshops is housed in numerous older buildings in which handicapped (wheelchair) access is limited. However, all new construction provides wheelchair access and, when necessary, certain classes are moved to these facilities to accommodate students with disabilities.


Financial Aid is Available
Information on scholarships, assistantships, work study and student loans is included under Financial Aid. Every attempt is made to provide support for individuals who show talent and are in need.