Home of Maine Media Since 1973


Driving into Maine, there is a large sign that declares: "Maine - The Way Life Should Be."

Nowhere is that more true than in Rockport, the home of Maine Media  for the past 43 years. Set approximately halfway up the coast, Rockport is a picture-perfect village nestled between the Camden Hills to the west and the rocky shore to the east. Within a hike of campus is Mt. Battie, the southernmost coastal mountain on the Atlantic seaboard. From the summit, one can see all of Penobscot Bay - with its hundreds of islands - known as one of the finest sailing areas in the world.

There is a special quality of light, with constantly changing weather – storms, fog, and sparkling blue skies presenting patterns of light that have inspired artists and writers for hundreds of years. A short ride to the south of campus is Rockland with its working waterfront and home to the Farnsworth Art Museum celebrating Maine's important role in American Art. Of course Maine is also known for its lobster, but the sea provides a smorgasbord of other delights while an active organic farm movement keeps chefs busy with a wonderful variety of local produce. But to create a place "the way life should be" is much more than beautiful scenery and wonderful food. It is also the community - the sense of place and people that complete the picture. There is a quality of life here - simple and free, where the traditional values of craftsmanship and hard work still carry weight. Men still fish the sea and farm the land and things done well have importance.

It is at the center of this environment that the Workshops happily exist. Students at the school quickly become part of the community - exploring the beauty, creating relationships, working hard and sharing ideas. Maine Media is dedicated to playing a vibrant role in the community. Public lectures and events, community programs and collaborations with other organizations are an essential part of our ethos.

For more on Rockport and the Mid-Coast Maine area, visit: Camden-Rockport-Lincolnville Chamber of Commerce