Anastasia currently owns "In A Bind" studio in Old Orchard Beach,Maine as a bookbinder and book artist and binder. She has taught various workshops in bookbinding, book repair, altered book and assemblage/multimedia art.

Anastasia holds a B.A. in Natural Science Illustration with a minor in Museum Studies and a M.S.L.I.S. in Archives Management.  She is currently in the doctoral program at Simmons College with a focus on user experience with physical objects. She is of Greek descent and her artistic talent comes from a long line of artists on her mother’s side.  Musicians, craftsmen, dancers and actors are in abundance throughout her family’s history.

Although Anastasia’s training is in scientific illustration, she works primarily with mix media and found objects. She creates her pieces by deconstructing found objects and restructuring them into strong bold images. Her creations include book construction, painting and complex collages. All of her pieces have a distinct sculptural element, which directs the viewer's eye through the many layers of her work. Anastasia's art gives one the sense of observing personal conflicts, tragedies and triumphs. Anastasia's extensive background in library sciences, archival processes and preservation, and book conservation, both technical and creative imbue her work with a sense that she is at all times aware of the convoluted process of  dissasembling and reassembling. Her academic skills and her artistic talents are tightly woven together into a cohesive structured body of work, which encourages the viewer to discover a piece of themselves inside her art.

She was featured on National Cable Television HGTV’s “That’s Clever” in August 2006 and March 2007, was listed in the 2008 Studio Visit art catalog, featured as one of the ten assemblage artists in the Jan/Feb 2009 Maine Home and Design magazine, and in 1000 Artists Books.© Maria Varnalis