Creating assignments and income for photographers is what Carolyn Potts, creative consultant and former artists rep, has done for over 30 years. With extensive experience in the sales and marketing of assignment photography, portfolio editing, design and user experience, she provides strategies and tactics for photographers who need effective solutions to both improve their portfolios and land the photo opportunities they want and need.

As a successful photo rep with a global client base, she accurately anticipated market trends for over three decades and consistently helped her clients stay ahead of constantly changing photography market conditions. Using marketing and branding strategies that set her photographers apart from those who market on price alone, her photographers shot for almost every blue-chip client you can name. Her clients have also had their fine art work exhibited internationally. She and her clients have also survived the previous three “worst recessions ever!”

Carolyn has guided many of her photographers in developing new and multiple revenue streams by helping them have a broader perspective of what they might offer the marketplace.

She shows photographers how to do for themselves what she used to do for them. Carolyn works with photographers who are seeking new and existing markets for their work– or to revitalize sagging careers. She also helps emerging photographers understand the needs of photo buyers across many niches (e.g., advertising, editorial, fine art, commercial and consumer portraiture).

“I am also committed to helping photographers to understand the critical importance of having a strong inner game: one that empowers them to maintain persistence and commitment in the face of the all-too-common creative pitfalls: self-doubt and procrastination,” Carolyn says.

She brings the necessary "fresh eyes" critical to creating an effective portfolio presentation necessary to land projects in any market niche. She’s created well over 10,000 portfolio edits.

She has been a frequent portfolio reviewer at numerous photo festivals and portfolio review events including The Palm Springs Photo Festival, The Chicago Creative Review, and PhotoPlus Expo. She was also one of the first reviewers invited to join the portfolio review team of Eyeist.

As Carolyn has also said, “My bottom line is, I help talented, pro-active and great photographers learn how to also become great marketers of their own work.”

Image © Mark Vaughn