Chris Nelson's career has been long and varied, having been Producer, Director or Film Editor on a variety of Cable and Network Movies, Pilots, Series, and Feature Films.

Nelson began his career as a film editor on the Mini-Series The Captains and the Kings in the late 70's, and soon after began editing pilots for Stephen Cannell. The Greatest American Hero pilot provided the first chance to move away from Editing, allowing the opportunity for producing and directing to become a reality. However, the lure and love of editing has caused him to return to his roots again and again.

Nelson has won the Emmy for Best Editing of the series Lost, as well as Nominations for Six Feet Under, China Beach, The Greatest American Hero, and Mad Men. He also received an American Cinema Editors nomination for editing the West Wing pilot and Lost.

With over fifty Television Movies and Pilots to his credit, Nelson feels he's been fortunate to have been part of a few that have had social significance. These include The three hour Showtime Movie, Thanks for a Grateful Nation, the I'll Fly Away Special for PBS, the China Beach pilot, the Six Feet Under Pilot for HBO, and the television movie, The Pentagon Papers for FX Networks. He has just finished working on a new series for STARZ Network, called Magic City, that aired in April.