Daniel Stephens studied filmmaking in the early 1990’s at Loyola University (New Orleans) and the University of South Florida. Subsequently he decided that the best place to apply his storytelling skills was the booming new internet security industry that blossomed in the mid 1990’s. Eight years later Daniel realized his mistake: filmmakers should make films, not firewalls. In 2000, Daniel left the company he co-founded to pursue his dream of filmmaking.

He has served as the Chief Lighting Technician and Director of Photography for numerous music videos, commercials, and short and feature films. He is particularly inspired by the verisimilitude of the unpredictable and feels these moments are the foundation of exceptional storytelling.

Most recently, Daniel shot the feature film Perfect Match, written and directed by the steadfast Chad Eddy, in the bustling town of Marietta, Ohio.

Daniel is currently shooting a documentary about a small, rural town in Alabama and preparing to shoot a feature film about amateur wrestling to be directed by the incomparable Anelisa Garfunkel.

When not somewhere else, Daniel resides on the beautifully lit coast of Maine where he is a partner in the film production companies Goodfocus, LLC, and General Films, as well as being a member of the faculty at Maine Media Workshops.