David Martinez is a documentary filmmaker, known for his cinematic approach to non-fiction storytelling and camera work. David has traveled the world as a cinematographer and colorist. His immersion in film productions, both in the camera department as well as the post-production department, has given him the opportunity to work for clients such as Volvo, McKinsey Social Initiative, Vitec Group, Crankworx and others.

After completing the Cinematography Intensive training at Maine Media Workshops, David returned for two seasons as the Post Production Manager. His experience has given him a great understanding about the relationship between cinematography and post-production.

David's Upcoming Schedule

2-Day Lighting Basics (WS)

Mar 17 - Mar 18 2018

DaVinci Resolve (WS)

Mar 25 - Mar 31 2018

2-Day DSLR for Video (WS)

Apr 28 - Apr 29 2018