Photographer David Turner started his career in Milan, Italy shooting features for top fashion magazines. Twenty years later he is still a favorite among fashion designers and is known for his magical portraits of Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, and many more. David has used his extraordinary talent in both the fashion and still life field, and has been a major contributor to W Magazine, Harpers Bazaar and Seventeen Magazine. David  has also worked as Staff Photographer for Hearst Publications at Studio D in New York City. David brings to MMW a myriad of resources in the areas of tabletop photography, lighting techniques, posing for portraits, fashion, and advertising, to name a few. His knowledge in the field, combined with his infectious personality, makes David a welcome member of MMW's instructional staff.

What David's students have said:

"David Turner's eye is amazing to behold.  He opens doors of photographic vision."
- Michael Honegger, Paris, France

"David is a fabulous photographer and teacher who shares his knowledge and experience freely and enjoys teaching."