Gray Parrot received his training under the tutelage of the late Master Bookbinder Arno Werner, who was himself trained in the guild system in Germany.  Mr Parrot subsequently studied fine finishing techniques at the Legatoria Artistica in Ascona, Switzerland.  He established his own bindery in 1973 in Hancock, Maine, where, but for an 8 year interlude in Massachusetts, he has continued to pursue his career in fine hand bookbinding. 

His work may be found in major libraries and museums  and on the shelves of discerning book collectors the world over.  For much of his career, Mr Parrot has pursued edition binding for private presses, such as Leonard Baskin's Gehenna Press, Dard Hunter's Mountain House Press, Henry Morris' Bird & Bull press and the newer Khelcom/New York press of Peter Bogardus.