While a Senior Manager for Kraft Foods, Creative Services, Jeanne was the driving force behind hundreds of promotional and motivational videos and training presentations across a variety of media. Much of her work has been honored for its creative and technical excellence.

Producer, director, rainmaker, coach, Jeanne wears many hats, knows where the talent is, and has gathered together an extensive network of the most innovative, successful and award winning talent in corporate broadcast and film/video production. And, along the way, she helped them create some of their best work.

Jeanne has worked with C-Suite executives, A-List celebs, and just about everyone in between. She’s a teacher, formerly at Seton Hall University and the Maine Media Workshops  as well as on the set. And a student – of yoga, of good food, and of life.

After 30 years working in corporate America, Jeanne has taken on a new role as an independent multimedia Producer/Director working with top 50 and non-profit organizations. She's well prepared for this new chapter in her professional life - and excited by the possibilities ahead.

Jeanne's Upcoming Schedule