Judd Pilossof is recognized as one of the leading food and still life photographers in the United States. Based in New York City, Judd has shot for virtually all the major advertising agencies, magazines and design firms, as well as photography for many cookbooks. For over 30 years, Judd has brought his personal aesthetic and experience to every assignment. Collaborating with a team of highly skilled stylists, each assignment is approached with dedication and careful consideration. Some of his clients include: Hershey's, Nestle, Campbell’s, Smirnoff and McCormick & Co.

A true foodie at heart, Judd loves everything to do with food… eating, cooking, teaching and of course, photographing food. From the ingredients to the plated meals, he uses texture, light and creative styling to give his images an authentic feel uniquely his own.

When not in the studio, he enjoys traveling, exploring food markets, spending time at his home in Costa Rica and scuba diving. Judd has been teaching at the Maine Media Workshops since 1992.