Michael Wilson was born in 1959 in Cincinnati, Ohio and has never moved away. Discovering a love of photography in college he started to make pictures in earnest and eventually began work as a freelance photographer in 1987. His work in the music industry is the most recognizable face of his work. Among the artists Michael has photographed are: Lyle Lovett, b.b. King, Waylon Jennings, Randy Newman, Emmylou Harris, Bill Frisell, David Byrne, Philip Glass, Dawn Upshaw and Doc Watson. Clients include: Nonesuch Records, Warner Brothers Records, Sony Music, Capitol Records, Alfred A. Knopf, Penguin Putnam, Mother Jones Magazine, Health Magazine, Uncut Magazine and Pentagram Design.

Michael's Upcoming Schedule

The Process of Portraits

Jul 23 - Jul 29 2017