Born and raised in southern Maine, Neil Shelley is film director, cinematographer, writer, editor and an Adobe Certified Expert in Adobe Premiere Pro.

Shelley’s interest in filmmaking culminated after the completion of his first short film assignment as a freshman in the University of Maine’s New Media program. Now in his third year of graduate school at the University of Maine, Shelley is completing his MFA in Intermedia and continues to explore and hone his skills as a visual storyteller. During his time at the University of Maine, he has completed a wide array of short narrative and documentary films including Andy the Tailor, Cold, Midnight Run, The Winters, and Angel. Shelley’s latest and largest project to date, Telling Hannah, a 27-minute film in which he co-wrote, directed, and edited was an official selection into the LewistonAuburn Film Festival and was nominated for Best Maine Film.

Neil's Upcoming Schedule

Adobe Premiere I (WS)

Feb 25 - Mar 3 2018

Adobe Premiere II (WS)

Mar 4 - Mar 10 2018

Adobe After Effects (WS)

Mar 11 - Mar 17 2018

2-day Drone Cinematography (WS)

Apr 28 - Apr 29 2018