Displaying Tim Estep.JPGTim Estep is a graduate of Maine Media College's film program. During his time there, he wrote, directed, produced and edited two short films, Route 11 and Passing Through.  Route 11 went on to win the Best Short Film award at several film festivals across Canada and the United States.  In 2007, Tim produced his first feature film titled Familiar Strangers. The film went on the win several film festival awards and had a theatrical release across the United States, which leveraged deals with Netflix, Showtime and all major retailers.  Tim has also produced the feature documentary film Socially Inept and an adaptation of Shakespeare's As You Like It.

Tim's Upcoming Schedule

Producing Your Indie Project (WS)

Apr 9 - Apr 15 2017

Producing Your Indie Project

Jul 9 - Jul 15 2017

Producing Your Indie Project

Sep 10 - Sep 16 2017