We will arrange your accommodations on campus, or in the local area. A large part of the Workshops experience is living and eating with fellow professionals and instructors. Meal times present a unique opportunity to discuss the industry and share ideas with people active in our creativeworlds. In addition, it is important that you are comfortable during your stay so that you may focus on your work. We therefore offer a variety of accommodations on our campus and in the local area to suit almost every taste and budget.

Many student accommodations are within walking distance of the classrooms and dining area. Our free van service makes the rounds each morning, noon and evening (mid-June through early September). The Workshops' accommodations are limited to approximately 125 beds and are assigned on a first-come basis. Please indicate your lodging preference on the application, and we will attempt to fill your request. Those who apply early have the best selection of accommodations.

All rates are for six nights, Sunday evening through Saturday morning. Check-in is after 3 PM on Sunday. Checkout time is 11AM on Saturday. If you wish to stay over Saturday night there is an additional charge of $120 ($75 in the Economy category).  We are unable to book Saturdays in the Deluxe category but may be booked directly with the hotel  Click here. Please note that this additional charge covers lodging costs only, no meal services available. For those who are departing on Sunday, the checkout time is 10 AM.

If you are attending a multi-week workshop or staying over for a workshop the following week your Saturday night lodging is included (except in  the Deluxe category). There are no meals available after Saturday breakfast until dinner on Sunday.

Please note: All housing prices below include the meal program. Everyone attending a workshop, unless a resident of the immediate area, is required to participate in the meal plan.

Campus Residence
The campus residence offers 30 hotel-grade bedrooms, each with a queen sized bed, private bath, phone, cable TV and wireless Internet access. The Residence is directly across the street from the main campus and also contains three classrooms, lounge, conference room and coin laundry. These may be booked as a single or for a couple and are just across the street from the Homestead campus dining area and classes.

Single: $975
Couple: $1395  (includes meals for two)

Deluxe Accommodations
These are upscale motel rooms (mini-suites) within one mile of campus. They come with private bath, telephone, TV, wireless Internet access and additional amenities.  Our contracted timeframe is between July 5 and August 15.  Dates before and after August 15 subject to availability.

Single: $1175
Couple: $1550 (includes meals for two)

Standard Accommodations
These are local motel rooms within 1.5 miles of campus. All have wifi, private bath, telephone, and TV.

Single: $975
Double: These shared accommodations are $655 per person, incl meals.

Kate's Cottage
This traditional Maine farmhouse is located adjacent to the campus and has 6 student bedrooms - 4 rooms with private bath and 2 rooms share a bath.   All have wifi and TV.

Private room & bath $850
Private room w/shared bath $695

Economy Accommodations
Economy accommodations include comfortable rooms in Workshops’ residences or private homes in Rockport Village. Bathrooms are shared and there are house phones.

Single: $695
No doubles available

Off-Campus Accommodations
If you prefer, you may reside off-campus, but the meal plan is mandatory at $275 for the week. A list of local motels, inns and B&B's can be found at the area Chamber of Commerce.   The Workshops cannot allow camping on its property.

10 days or less prior to arrival may be charged $100.

Meals Only (without housing):

Meals by the week: $ 275
Meals by the day*: $ 55
Friday Lobster Dinner: $ 30

*For guests not on the meal plan.