Learn how to leverage your photography portfolio to make money and/or gain recognition in any market niche.

In this experiential and information-packed 3-day workshop, students will be guided into the world of the business of photography. They’ll come away with some strategies and ideas on how to create a viable living in photography.

There actually is a predictable path to photo career success. It can be learned when you know where and how to look. This workshop is the road map.

After a photographer gains both technical and aesthetic awareness and has created an initial portfolio (or has created an new body of work) the next step on a successful career path is discovering what to do with one’s imagery and how to market it effectively.

After you ask yourself “Now what do I with this work I’ve created?!?” other questions usually arise:  

  • How do I make money with my camera?
  • How do I get hired for assignments?
  • How do I get published?
  • How do I get into a gallery?
  • How do I get collectors to buy my work?
  • How do I keep going in the face of market changes?
  • and most often: Where and how do I start?

This is the business of the photo business. Those are the questions this workshop will answer.

Photographers will develop an actionable marketing plan for the next phase of their careers–whether just starting out in a photo career or are seasoned pros who need career revitalization.  

Students will develop a better understanding of themselves and market value of their work. They will learn how to find, connect with, and land deals with prospective clients who will value the photographer’s vision.  

Students who implement what they’ll learn in this class will definitely take their photo careers to the next level. They’ll be armed with knowledge about themselves and their target clients; they will gain strategic insights about the vast photo market and overlooked niches where the may thrive; they’ll have practical marketing strategies and tactics; they’ll have an action plan; and they’ll have tools, tips and resources to confidently move forward.

Topics covered in this class include:

  • What is the photo market niche that’s right for your skill set, your personality and your resources that will provide success despite market changes?
  • How can you discover your USP (unique selling proposition) as it applies to any photography sector (commercial, fine art, editorial, portraiture, etc.)?
  • How to define “your ideal client.” Who wants your work and will pay for it?
  • Where are customers? How do you find them and attract them?
  • What are the components of an effective online presence (e.g.web site design content and usability features)?
  • What’s an effective follow-up strategy (e.g. email, social media, etc.)
  • What specific software can help easily keep track all the business tasks that must be done regularly to create opportunities and close sales. Learn the business tools that work for “creative types.”
  • Discover the triggers that can attract–or turn off– a prospective client.
  • How to ace an in-person networking event. Create real connections that lead to business or strategic partnerships.
  • And finally...learn how to play the internal game. Learn the strategies that all winners know: learn how to deal with fear, doubt, insecurity, procrastination, cynicism, and the rejections that will inevitably occur on the path of photo business mastery.  

Who should attend?

  • Emerging photographers who are ready to step into the world with their work. They want assignments or see their work on people’s walls.
  • Experienced pro photographers whose photo businesses have experienced a slowdown and need career revitalization.
  • Any photographer who needs a marketing strategy and a plan to implement their plan.
  • Photographers who want to avoid the price race to the bottom and not have their work be seen as a commodity.
  • Photographers who understand that finding their niche is important but don’t know where to look for it.

Former rep and current photo marketing consultant, Carolyn Potts, will share winning behind-the-scenes strategies used during her 30 years of guiding top photographers to career success through the last three 'worst downturns ever"!

She'll discuss both the timeless (e.g., portfolio content and sales techniques) and the timely (online marketing tools and social media) issues that form the basis of any successful photography business in any photography niche.

She'll also discuss "the inside job" that every successful photographer has to do on a daily basis. E.g., it's the beliefs you hold about what's necessary and what's possible to succeed that, to a large extent, determine how far you'll go.

When to arrive:  

Students should plan to arrive Thursday at their lesiure.  The workshop will begin Friday morning at 9AM ad run until 5PM daily - Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

More info is available on her blog. http://cpotts.com/blog/

Comments from recent seminar attendees and clients:

"Very practical info....I gained great insight about promotion" -DV

"When in the trenches, you fail to notice simple, effective ways to market yourself. However, when someone with a broad perspective and deep understanding of the business points them out, you immediately recognize the value and necessity of using those strategies in a marketing plan." -JP

"Carolyn gave current information for things I can use to promote my photography NOW" -ED

"There never was a regret in the time or cost to work with Carolyn.  Connecting with her empowered me to live deliberately and achieve goals.  The best way to ensure success is to get your mind in the right place first and then work on your business." -Kirk F.

"I only wish someone had told me about the inner aspect of business when I first started so I wouldn't have had to wait until I was 38 years old to learn these invaluable and life changing tools!! Carolyn is a pioneer and rock star for teaching photographers how to manage their inner game, a game that’s truly the foundation for any and all success."  -Aimee N.

"When I first came to Carolyn I was a little stuck on where to take my photographic career next and mostly, how to get there. I had enjoyed a few conversations with other portfolio consultants before I had my initial call with Carolyn but 5 minutes into our conversation, I knew she was the person who was going to help me take my work to the next level."

"Not only does the time you spend working with her help you career-wise, she makes you look into yourself and helps you grow as a person. Never in a million years would I have imagined that  I would get so much out of working with a consultant but Carolyn is more than that. She has a way of connecting with people that allow her to reflect things back to you that didn't even know were there."

"Working with Carolyn has pulled me out of my comfort zone, shown me things about myself that have helped me grow in numerous ways, we have had a few amazing AH-HA moments that literally gave me goosebumps!  And, best of all, she isn’t afraid to tell you like it is. Her enthusiasm for what she is doing to help her clientele radiates through each and every meeting and empowers you to be the best and grab life by the horns." -Emily T



Carolyn Potts

Creating assignments and income for photographers is what Carolyn Potts, creative consultant and former artists rep, has done for over 30 years. With extensive experience in the sales and marketing of assignment photography, portfolio editing, design and user experience, she provides strategies and tactics for photographers who need effective solutions to both improve their portfolios and land the photo opportunities they want and need.

As a successful photo rep with a global client base, she accurately anticipated market trends for over three decades and consistently helped her clients stay ahead of constantly changing photography market conditions. Using marketing and branding strategies that set her photographers apart from those who market on price alone, her photographers shot for almost every blue-chip client you can name. Her clients have also had their fine art work exhibited internationally. She and her clients have also survived the previous three “worst recessions ever!”

Carolyn has guided many of her photographers in developing new and multiple revenue streams by helping them have a broader perspective of what they might offer the marketplace.

She shows photographers how to do for themselves what she used to do for them. Carolyn works with photographers who are seeking new and existing markets for their work– or to revitalize sagging careers. She also helps emerging photographers understand the needs of photo buyers across many niches (e.g., advertising, editorial, fine art, commercial and consumer portraiture).

“I am also committed to helping photographers to understand the critical importance of having a strong inner game: one that empowers them to maintain persistence and commitment in the face of the all-too-common creative pitfalls: self-doubt and procrastination,” Carolyn says.

She brings the necessary "fresh eyes" critical to creating an effective portfolio presentation necessary to land projects in any market niche. She’s created well over 10,000 portfolio edits.

She has been a frequent portfolio reviewer at numerous photo festivals and portfolio review events including The Palm Springs Photo Festival, The Chicago Creative Review, and PhotoPlus Expo. She was also one of the first reviewers invited to join the portfolio review team of Eyeist.

As Carolyn has also said, “My bottom line is, I help talented, pro-active and great photographers learn how to also become great marketers of their own work.”

Image © Mark Vaughn


Course Dates

Aug 25 to Aug 27




Class Size