Explore the alluring city of Lisbon and it’s unparalleled light in a weeklong street photography workshop led by renowned photojournalist, Peter Turnley.

Explore the alluring city of Lisbon and it’s unparalleled light in a weeklong street photography workshop led by Peter Turnley. The workshop will take place also during the largest and most exciting festival during the year in Lisbon, the Feast of Saint Anthony. From June 12-14, the city is a tremendous street party, full of visual excitement. The festival consists of singing and dancing, a huge parade, with large numbers of people partying the streets. Fado music can be heard throughout the city and grilled sardines are eaten in huge quantities. Lisbon is already one of the most visually exciting cities in Europe and in the world, and the week of the Festival of Saint Anthony, is wonderful and unique time to be there.

Lisbon is a colorful blend of antique and modern, Orient and Occidental, North and South, Atlantic and Mediterranean, the cosmopolitan capital of Portugal is drenched with history and charm, and light at almost every turn.  A city built on seven hills, Lisbon is a wanderer’s paradise, from cobbled streets near the ancient Moorish Muslim castles around the Alfama to the chic boutiques and cafés in the hip Chiado quarter.  The Lisbon Light workshop challenges students of all experience levels to broaden their understanding, and appreciation of light in their street photography.  This seven-day workshop, led by Peter Turnley, one of the great photographers of our times, centers on street photography, the photo essay, and all forms of personal image making, with Lisbon’s light as a backdrop and unending source of inspiration. 

Each day, students will gather as a group for several hours of lectures, presentations, editing, review and critiques of the each student’s work-in-process. Students will meet privately with Peter each day to review work and discuss their progress. Peter will discuss techniques for making spontaneous, human images of the life of a city.  Students will also hear presentations from members of Lisbon’s talented photographic community, and from experts on Portuguese life and culture.

Students explore backstreets, markets, parks, squares, churches, mosques, shops, and the many neighborhoods of Lisbon for at least half of each day.  Each student is urged to develop a theme of life in Lisbon that piques his or her interest enough to build a photo story around that theme. One need not come with one and may explore various themes while in Lisbon.  Peter will help you with this process.

Students are challenged to go beyond photographing simply the picturesque and to discover a sense of the texture and the rhythm to the daily life in this warm, charming, multicultural city. Peter will share his techniques and perspectives on street photography, and will encourage all students to embrace an approach that involves photographing people, up close.

This will be a visually interesting week for each student to create a dynamic portfolio. Students will be expected to work hard each day and approach their work with concentration, determination, and a strong sense of creative  ownership. Each student will create a 15 image photo essay that will be shown to the group on the last day of the workshop.

This is an all-digital workshop. Come with a digital SLR camera and a laptop computer to store, edit and manage your work. The workshop will include a group dinner on Sunday evening, and a farewell group dinner at the end of the workshop. This promises to be an extraordinary experience for workshop participants.


 This is an ideal workshop to bring along a spouse, son or daughter or partner. Non-photographic companions may join the group sessions and meals but are not involved in the critique or review sessions. Companion supplement is $150.


Peter will be renting a loft space in central Lisbon, where classes will be held each day. Students  may choose to stay anywhere in Lisbon, which  is an excellent transportation system.  The list below spans a range of prices and amenities, from bed and breakfasts to designer boutique hotels.  All are centrally located, and have internet access.

Hotel da Estrela

Rua Saraiva de Carvalho, 35 Tel.

(+351) 21.190.0100


Lisboa Plaza 

Travessa do Salitre 7

+351 213 218 200


Hotel Eurostars Das Letras 5*


 +34 902 93 24 24 


America’s Diamond Hotel Lisboa

Rua Tomás Ribeiro 47
+34 21 352 11 77



Lisbon is the main air hub for TAP Portugal and offers direct flights from New York and other major U.S. cities. There are also several other airlines flying into Lisbon, such as United Airlines, US Airways, British Airways, Air France, and Spanish carrier Iberia. Students in the past have arrived through Madrid or Paris and other European cities depending on airfare specials.

Taxis take around 20 minutes and cost 12 dollars from the airport to the city center. Trains and buses run frequently throughout metro Lisbon, including the to/from the airport.


This workshop is conducted using digital cameras. If you wish to shoot film, you may so do, but we suggest you bring it home for processing, so for critiques, you will have to be using a digital camera. Students are encouraged to use a 35 mm digital camera. You will need to know how to download your digital images each evening to a folder so that your days work can be brought to class the next day on either a flash drive, external hard drive, or disc, for review each day with Peter Turnley. Students will be encouraged to choose from the outset if they want to see their work in color or in black and white, and they will be encouraged to stick to their choice of one of the other throughout the workshop.

Besides your SLR digital cameras, bring a body of your creative work with you to share—a portfolio or digital collection of images. The workshop will have an LCD projector and there will be a final show of all of the students work during the final session.

A digital SLR camera is required. Students may work with a high end point and shoot camera such as a Canon G10. Two bodies are recommended, with a minimum of at least one wide-angle lens, such as a 17-35mm zoom, or 24mm, 28mm, 35mm, or 50mm lens. In order to shoot comfortably in low light situations, it will be preferable that students have a wide-angle lens that is relatively fast and has a wide aperture such as 1.4., 1.8. 2 or 2.8. Bring several memory cards (at least 1 G cards are recommended), extra batteries and necessary battery chargers. Your laptop should have image management software, such as Apple’s Aperture, Adobe’s Light Room or, as Peter suggests, Photomechanic, which can be downloaded, free, on a trial basis from the site of Camerabits.

Make sure you have a back-up system on which to download each day’s work. This can be your laptop, a portable external hard drive storage device, flash drive, or cds or DVDs. You will need a means of getting your edited images in a folder to Peter each day for review—flash drives are the most practical, but you can also use an external hard drive, or cd or DVD.

Research and preparation are important parts of any adventure. There are many Istanbul and Turkey to be found on the Internet.

The first and last meals are included in the cost of the workshop. You will be a guest of the workshop for a group opening dinner on Sunday night, and a final dinner on Friday night. Aside from the two group meals, breakfasts, lunches and dinners are independent but students are encouraged to join each other in local restaurants and cafes. Expect to be paying between f $35 to $50 each day on meals and provisions.







Terms and Conditions for Destinations Workshops

1. Reservations & Payments

A deposit as indicated on the registration page is required to confirm your reservation for the workshop.  Final payment in full is due 45 days prior  to the date of departure for your workshop.  Maine Media Workshops + College (“Maine Media”) reserves the right to cancel a reservation if full payment has not been received by the due date.

2. Cancellations

All cancellation notices must be received in writing and will become effective as of the date of the postmark, or upon receipt of an email providing notice of cancellation. If you provide written notice of cancellation  60 days or more prior to the departure date for your workshop, your deposit, and any additional payment, will be refunded in full, less an administration fee of $55.00. If you provide written notice of cancellation less than 60 days prior to the departure date for your workshop, your full deposit will be forfeited; any additional funds paid to Maine Media for the workshop will be refunded.  No refunds of any amount will be made to persons who (i) fail to provide written notice of cancellation, or who (ii) begin a workshop, but fail to complete the workshop.

3. Basis of Rates

All prices are quoted in U.S. dollars; all payments must be made in U.S. dollars.

4. Insurance

It is strongly advised that you purchase Trip Cancellation, Baggage, Emergency Medical Evacuation, and/or Accident and Sickness Insurance Protection. Camera equipment, computers, and baggage are carried entirely at the owner’s risk. Maine Media shall have no responsibility for any lost, damaged, or delayed property, or for an individual student’s medical needs, accidents, injuries or illnesses.

5. Itinerary Changes

The itinerary for your workshop is subject to change without prior notification.

6.  Passports and Visas

A valid passport is required for all travel. You are required to notify Maine Media as to the nationality under which your passport is registered. If you are a U.S. citizen, Maine Media will notify you if your destination requires a visa.  Non-U.S. citizens are required to contact the appropriate consular office for entry requirements for their workshop. Participants are responsible for obtaining their passports and visas. To participate in the workshop, you must have a passport that is valid until at least six months after the date on which your trip is scheduled to be completed.

7. Medical Issues

All participants must be in good health.   You must advise Maine Media of any health condition, physical condition, or emotional or mental condition that may require special attention or that may adversely impact the other participants in your workshop. All students are required to complete a “Waiver of Liability” form and submit it at the time of registration.  This document may be found on the course description page.

8. Liability Waiver

Every participant is required to sign Maine Media’s Waiver of Liability before departure for their workshop.   Click here to download.

9. Responsibility & Photography

To ensure a safe photographic experience, you are required to obey local customs and be considerate when photographing people or sensitive locations.  The faculty member for your workshop has the right to expel any person from the workshop for behavior that is in violation of the law; that is disruptive; or that compromises the group’s safety or enjoyment.  No refunds will be made to any person expelled from a workshop. Maine Media shall have no obligation to pay any costs incurred by a person as a result of that person being expelled from a workshop. 

Sign and Return Waiver Form


Course Dates

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