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The production of corporate videos, documentaries, and TV news programs almost always requires the shooting of interviews and/or talking heads. This workshop is for camera operators, directors, and producers who are ready to move beyond simply illuminating their subjects -- and want to take their lighting and shooting skills to a higher level. The emphasis in this course is on using small crews (1-2 people) with minimal equipment to shoot interviews that have a high-end, news-magazine style.

This course is taught by Doug Jensen, a veteran freelance cameraman with over 33 years of experience shooting for most of the major network news magazine television programs, many reality shows, dozens of documentaries, and hundreds of corporate videos.  Although the focus of this workshop is on interior setups, it also covers a variety of exterior and mixed lighting situations.  Through lectures, demonstrations, and hands-on exercises, students learn to use many different lighting techniques including using natural light, tungsten lights, fluorescent lights, and state-of-the art LED lights.

According to Doug, “Shooting great-looking interviews and head-shots requires much more than just using old-fashioned 3-point lighting techniques.”  And with that philosophy in mind, this course thoroughly covers: choosing the best interview locations, dressing the set, how to determine the most effective camera and interviewee placement, creating a balanced composition, selecting an appropriate microphone, hiding microphones, using audio mixers, tips and tricks for obtaining shallow depth-of-field, slow zooming for dramatic effect, applying make-up, using lens filters, improving skin tones via creative white balance, how to determine and set the proper exposure, using zebras and peaking, understanding light meters and waveform monitors, programming custom Picture Profiles with the camera’s menu settings, asking interview questions that get exceptional sound-bites, techniques for directing professional and non-professional talent, and much more.  Anyone who is responsible for lighting and shooting interviews and talking heads will finish the week better equipped to obtain superior results regardless of any limitations of budget, time or equipment.

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