In the first week of this two-week workshop, focus on learning the basics of 3D modeling and making environments in the advanced and easy to use Unreal Engine. You will learn how to create, texture and render, as well as export 3D objects for use in the Unreal Game Engine. Unreal is the engine used from the vast majority of Triple A titles in gaming today. It is also commonly used by set designers, cinematographers, directors, and architects to pre-visualize an unlimited number of projects. Artists are now using it to make new kinds of games.

We will learn not only how to model, but also use the 3D models you create in Unreal to learn about lighting, environment creation and real-time exploration in the world’s best software for building gaming worlds. We’ll also touch on virtual reality towards the end of the week and show you how to use Unreal to create fully immersive experiences.

This workshop is designed to allow you to bring your own ideas or projects along for practical application.  If you don’t have anything you’d like to personally work on we have you covered with templates, base models and class assignments needed to complete the course.

Software covered in week one will include Unreal Engine 4+, for creating high-end immersive virtual worlds; Modo Indie 10, for building 3D objects for implementation into Unreal Engine; and ZBrushCore, for 3D sculpting to incorporate into Unreal Engine and for 3D printing.

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