Refine methods, technologies, and aesthetics with a Master Director of Photography.

A film director relies on the director of photography to help create a specific look appropriate to the story. Award-winning cinematographers discuss their work, and share the many challenges they faced in achieving "the look." The relationship between the director of photography, the director, and other creative personnel during preproduction and production is addressed and discussed at length. The class explores the camera's role in the filmmaking process: formats, aspect ratios, lenses and the impact of digital technology.

Through screenings, demonstrations, and discussions on technology and processes, the class covers the use of lighting, art direction, scene coverage and planning for special effects. The class screens and analyzes scenes from influential films from mainstream and independent cinema. The theory and motivation behind specific aesthetics, scene coverage, lighting, lens selection and camera movement are explored.

This is an opportunity to work with and get to know other creative professionals in a relaxed and informal setting. The pace is less intensive than in other workshops, with more time devoted to discussion of careers and industry trends. Students may bring a professional reel to share with the class and receive feedback.

Students are asked to submit a résumé and professional reel upon submission.


"I learned more in one week about film lighting than I did in an entire year of film class in college."
- Scott Auerbach, Atlanta, GA

"This is where the great DPs meet and we all learn from the best."
- Wei Zhou, Mountain View, CA

"This class changed my perspective about film and brought the impossible closer to reality."
- Paul Patton, Wilmington, DE

"I've been coming here since 2002 and am always impressed with the instructors' knowledge, experience, and their willingness to share."
- Jack Chavez, San Jose, CA

Potential instructors for this workshop include...

Russ Alsobrook, ASC

John Bailey, ASC

Russell Carpenter, ASC

Steve Fierberg, ASC

Tom Houghton, ASC

Levie Isaacks, ASC

Peter Levy, ASC, ACS

Chris Manley, ASC

Reed Morano, ASC

Daniel Pearl, ASC

Roberto Schaefer, ASC

Rodney Taylor, ASC

John Toll, ASC

Kees Van Oostrum, ASC

Amy Vincent, ASC

Robert Yeoman, ASC

...among many more!

Course Dates

Oct 23 to Oct 29




Class Size