A six-week course in film and video production for new filmmakers

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The demand for people with the skills and knowledge required for film and video production continues to grow. This hands-on workshop is for new filmmakers, film students, graduates and those who have yet to make their first film or work professionally in film and video production. This six-week program teaches students how to make their own short films, both as individuals and with a small crew, using professional tools and processes.

Students learn the process of film production, from the implementation of an idea through preproduction, production, and post-production.  The theory and implementation of visual-storytelling and the cinematic language are emphasized in the creation of treatments, short scripts, and final crafting of story during the editing process. Theory and hands-on experience through in-class exercises and class projects will include storyboarding, shot design, set-etiquette,  location scouting,  blocking, lighting, camera operation and movement,  scene coverage,  location audio, as well as on-set and post production digital-asset management in preparation for editing.  Final post-production workflow and non-linear editing using Adobe Premiere Pro or Apple’s Final Cut Pro X round out this six-week program.. 

Each student will gain first-hand experience working in a variety of roles such as writer/producer/director, assistant director, director of photography/camera operator, camera assistant, grip, gaffer, swing, script supervisor, location sound engineer, and editor.

The overall emphasis of the class is cinematic visual storytelling and working with a crew to achieve a common goal from preproduction through the post-production process and the exporting of  high-quality final projects for web, broadcast, or theatrical release. There are lectures, critiques, screenings and discussions of technical, procedural, aesthetic and ethical issues. Class time is comprised of demonstrations, exercises, and group projects in the field and studio. Students use evenings for writing and planning individual and group projects. Students may pursue personal projects and specific career paths, gaining experience in production.

Students work an average of 12 hours each week on campus to cover the cost of their room and board. Rooms and baths are shared.  Breakfast and lunch provided Monday -  Friday each week. Other meals are out-of-pocket in the local area. 



Alex Bilodeau

This is Alex Bilodeau’s tenth year working with Maine Media Workshops and his seventh year teaching workshops for the Young Artists program. He has served as Maine Media’s Post-Production Manager, Film Equipment Technician, and was the teaching assistant with its Professional Certificate program. He has worked for years as a freelance filmmaker, which has seen him cover such events as the Iowa Caucuses, the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association Finals, and the Maker Faire. He is currently working as a news photographer/editor for the NBC affiliate in his hometown of Springfield, Mass.

Creatively, Alex’s interests span across several genres and mediums. He has produced several of his own short films, from the slapstick Business Training to a macabre adaptation of Goethe’s Faust. He has directed a theatrical production of Patrick Marber’s Closer, worked as a Scenic Designer on a production of Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice, and has written and directed his own original, immersive work that has incorporated projections, puppetry, audience improvisation, and more.

Alex has a particular passion for working with high schoolers. They’re energetic, unpretentious, and take artistic risks. His former students are regularly accepted to the country’s top films schools and he’s looking forward to the day when he can start watching their work on Netflix.