Become versed in cinematic language, and gain an overview of camera craft and technique.

This workshop introduces students to the art of visual storytelling and provides an overview of the technical foundation.  Students learn the fundamental tools and principles used by professional cinematographers to portray a visual story and how to effectively use the camera, lighting, and other tools to convey your message. Students examine the art of photography and video, and how to properly communicate your message through film.

Students will learn about the technical skills needed to create images and videos through a discussion of the camera and its components. You will learn how the creative choices you make affect the viewer’s experience. Throughout the week students will also explore how to set a mood in a scene with lighting techniques through practical demonstration. The workshop will also cover the essential topics of storytelling and filmmaking, such as story, continuity, and collaboration, all illustrated through feature films and other media.

The workshop is for beginners interested in the craft of cinematography and storytelling. Students gain a solid foundation for applying the concepts presented, as well as how to prepare for subsequent cinematography workshops and how to better communicate with other film collaborators. 

Course Dates

Jul 12 to Jul 18



Class Size