Using state-of-the-art Cinema 4D software, learn 3-D modeling, rendering, and animation

Three- dimensional graphics are being used in all phases of commercial and film production. From TV shows and feature films to broadcast and web commercials, 3D animation is becoming part of the toolkit for stretching the creative visual and narrative boundaries. This course uses state of the art Cinema 4D software to introduce students to 3D modeling, rendering and animation, taking an informative look at the range and capabilities of one of the most powerful graphics applications. Students receive hands-on experience with polygon modeling, nurbs modeling, subdivision modeling, lighting, texturing, photorealistic rendering, special effects, character animation, particle systems, dynamics and more. During the course, students are exposed to an integrated After Effects work flow for compositing and color grading the 3D models. Cinema 4D is used for feature films, games and animation for television, making this course a great introduction to all features offered by the animation industry's flagship software. Prior exposure to Adobe After Effects is recommended.

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