Refine your skills, experiment with new techniques and learn to produce and direct short-form features with Mimi Edmunds.

Carly CalhounThe TV news magazine story platform has become a staple in the television industry.  Shows like 60 Minutes, 48 hours, and Dateline NBC capture a storytelling technique that has proven the test of time and continues to deliver compelling stories. This workshop is for broadcast journalists and documentary filmmakers who wish to refine their skills, experiment with new techniques, and learn how to produce and direct high quality, short-form news magazine features for television. The class deconstructs and examines segments from various TV news magazine programs. Students study story content and ideas, writing style and structure, dramatic content, and the pace of the final edit. The class explores local issues, researches stories, and produces a short story in the TV news magazine format. The emphasis of the class is on story structure, interview techniques, and providing clarity, impact, and depth to any magazine-style news feature for broadcast.


"Maine Media Workshops is a great place.  Everything from the food to the instructor was excellent"
- Clark Greer, Santee, CA

"I felt totally energized creatively... I didn't want it to end"
- Keith Feher, Portland, OR

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