Capture the essence of script and characters as you learn the secrets of still photography for film editorials and advertising

Learn the techniques of a movie and TV “unit” photographer necessary to deliver pictures that capture the essence of script and character.

Every movie or TV show you ever saw hired a still photographer to shoot promotional stills. This workshop explores and prepares you for this career, that of an on set “unit” photographer. With knowledge you will gain about film making methodology, set etiquette and ego problems, including your own, you will learn how to deliver your clients needs while invisibly navigating the tricky terrain of a movie set in action. 

Specific techniques for shooting romantic, dramatic, driving, explosive and fight scenes will be covered. Tips for working with sensitive directors and camera shy actors will be revealed. Setting up gallery portraits, directing actors on seamless, digital workflow and staying safe around speeding cars and exploding buildings are all discussed. The business side gets comprehensive coverage as well with complete information on getting started, the unions, self promotion and negotiating deals.

The opportunity to practice what you are learning on actual, live workshop film productions and to do so utilizing the specialized equipment used by unit photographers that is provided, make this workshop exciting and absolutely unique. Taught by one of the industry’s most successful practitioners, for over 25 years this workshop has graduated some of today’s busiest,  award winning unit photographers who without exception have said this course was invaluable getting them started.

Digital SLR equipment and basic knowledge of digital photography is required for this course.









Photography:Kerry Hayes, SMPSP, © Open Road Films. All right reserved

Spotlight Poster - Photography:Kerry Hayes, SMPSP. Artwork © 2015 Entertainment One Ltd. All Rights Reserved


Kerry Hayes

Kerry Hayes is a photographer with over 35 years of experience working on feature film sets. He has been the still photographer on over 90 films including best picture, Oscar winning, Spotlight as well as; Miss Sloan, Crimson Peak, Pacific Rim, The Proposal, Devil, X Men 3, Take the Lead, The Day After Tomorrow, Changing Lanes, Nobody's Fool, Legends of the Fall, Broadcast News and The Witches of Eastwick. Kerry's portraits of films leading personalities appear throughout the industry in magazine, posters and in promotional material for the films themselves. Kerry is a member of the Camera Union (IATSE), Locals 600 (USA) and 667 (Canada), as well a Canadian Member of the SMPSP (Society of Motion Picture Still Photographers). He presently lives in Toronto.

Photography:Kerry Hayes, SMPSP. Artwork © 2015 Entertainment One Ltd. All Rights Reserved

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Jul 30 to Aug 5



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