Get a solid grounding in the fundamentals of developing concept, character, story, plot and structure from an accomplished screenwriter.

In the contemporary marketplace, screenwriters must have a fluid grasp of writing for both film and TV.  While each medium has unique challenges and dynamics, they share the same fundamental DNA: story and character.   The seductive exploration of a character will bait an audience into following a story - whether it’s told over the course of two hours or five seasons.

This workshop sets each participant with a story idea on the road to a successful screenplay or teleplay.   Students coming to the workshop without a story idea will still participate in exercises relevant to furthering their understanding of the dynamics being explored.

Suitable for beginners or those ready to face the challenges of gaining a new level of mastery,  the workshop will guide students through the process necessary to shape concepts, develop stories, create strong characters, put them in challenging and dramatic situations and create suspense and tension.  They will explore format, how to write an outline, build a compelling structure, find plot points to turn the drama, develop scenes and sequences, and write dialogue and action.  Most of all, students leave with an understanding of what turns a story into a dynamic work for film or TV.

While the focus is on film and television, many of the principles examined will also have resonance for novelists and playwrights.

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