So you want to be in Show Business….
Hollywood insider, Andi Isaacs, shares the “ins and outs” of producing blockbuster films with candid honesty. As Executive VP and Head of Physical Production for Summit Entertainment, she oversaw production of over 30 films including  the Twilight Saga series, Red, Perks of Being a Wallflower and Now You See Me.  Andi worked her way up in the film industry from serving snacks on set to supervising productions for major studios like Disney and Fox. In this one-week workshop, Andi shares the "nuts and bolts" insight you need to be successful in show business.
Topics include:
  • What a studio does and the different objectives of each department
  • Where to start?
  • How to network and find the job you want
  • Understanding how and why studios buy scripts
  • Understanding how and why studios distribute films
  • The challenges of being an independent filmmaker
  • How unions work and how to become a member
  • How to move up in the ranks
  • Is Hollywood right for you?

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