Be inspired wherever you are. Learn how the portability and connectivity of iPhones and iPads allow you to shoot, edit, and share our creations wherever you go.

iOS, the ground-breaking platform of Apple’s iPhones and iPads, offers an amazingly intuitive experience for photographers and artists of all levels and abilities. The portability and connectivity of these devices allows us to shoot, edit, and share our creations wherever we are, whenever we are inspired. This is a 2-day workshop that guides each step of the process, from taking great photos to tapping into the creative spirit while learning how to effectively communicate what we see with others.

We will immerse ourselves in the exploratory processes unique to the technology, shooting and editing in the field. Significant time will be spent building personal “app labs” and exploring the tactile experience of creating on a touchscreen. Some of the most popular and powerful editing apps will be covered along with some lesser-known gems, and we will review online sharing through iOS apps, social networks, and dedicated iphone photographic communities. By the end of this intense course, participants will demonstrate through their portfolios and understanding of basic shooting and editing techniques, digital workflow, image resolution, touchscreen technology, and how to “see” through the lens of the iPhone.

Students should bring an iPhone 4s or later model with the most current system software, an iPad, and have access to their iTunes account. If you are an Android user please bring a phone no older than 3 years with your passwords and all.

Lunch is included for both days, other meals are on your own. Lodging is available on campus, private room & bath.  $75/night


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This course is not offered at this time.
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