Tree tapping in spring, when the nights are still cool and the days are beginning to warm, is an honored Maine tradition.  This short video workshop will take place on, both on location and in the classroom. This workshop will culminate with a pancake breakfast served with freshly tapped Maine Maple Syrup.

The best camera is the one you have with you, and for most of us that is our smartphone, so let’s explore the filmmaking components of this device while having a truly Maine experience.

We will delve into the basics of the craft: composition, when and where to set up our images, and the best methods for approaching people as well as different interview techniques and the best audio capture methods.  With all of these tools we will work to create factual, to the point films that share an experience with your audience.

We will learn how to:

  • Create video pieces with Smartphones
  • Produce straightforward pieces
  • Work with audio equipment created specifically for Smartphones

Lunch is provided each day.  Lodging available on campus $75/night.  Private room & bath.



Course Dates

Apr 8 to Apr 9



Class Size