Creating profound and inspired images of the animals that we share our world with is a challenging yet deeply rewarding endeavor. This workshop is intended for photographers who want to make artful, evocative images of animals that reflect both the ethos of the photographer and the intelligence and individuality of the subject. The goal of the workshop is for students to learn and explore different aesthetic and philosophical approaches to photographing animals, while receiving instruction in technique and building their portfolios, all in a passionate and supportive group setting.

We will explore why artists choose animals as subjects, and what stories can be told through portrait, documentary and fine art photography. We will also address the practical challenges of photographing a subject with a mind of its own, how to avoid visual and emotional clichés, and the sometimes political issues associated with using animals as subjects. 

There will be daily location shoots, challenging assignments, edits and group discussions as well as group portfolio sessions and many opportunities to get up close and personal with a myriad of different animals. Assignments include working with a local rescue to produce adoption photos for shelter dogs,  creating portrait and documentary images of alpacas and other livestock, and illustrating the human/animal bond through photographing horses and their riders.

WHO SHOULD ATTEND:  Advanced Amateurs, Professionals

WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW:  Working knowledge of digital workflow and manual mode on your digital SLR camera 

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This course is not offered at this time.
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