This workshop is perfect for emerging and experienced photographers who are driven to craft better photographs.

Our week is a marriage of guided shooting and learning the best of Adobe Lightroom. Through presentations, demos, reviews and coaching, Dave builds an immersive week exploring creativity. On shooting trips to record the colorful light and characters of mid-coastal Maine, Dave shares professional techniques for capturing the unique qualities of each subject we encounter. Returning to the digital lab with fresh images and excitement, participants learn how to harness the power of Lightroom to optimally develop ‘keepers’ or transform them into alternative image styles. 

Lightroom topics we explore will include: 

  • Review of Lightroom essentials
  • Organizing, culling and creating manual and automated collections

  • Expert RAW development for color, contrast, presence

  • Controlling sharpness, noise, and haze and distortion

  • Precise B+W conversions and split-toning

  • Experimental development guided by aesthetics

  • Automation with presets
  • Explore plugins that greatly extend the capabilities of Lightroom
  • Exporting and sharing via slideshows, videos, web galleries and prints

Students end the week with a deepened understanding of creative possibilities, efficient workflows, unforgettable memories and a refreshed passion for personal and professional photography.

Bring any camera that shoots in RAW mode, energy, curiosity and anything awesome to share. For any content and skills-related questions, contact Dave directly at:




“David is a great teacher. He’s patient and works with the needs of each individual student while inspiring the whole class to go beyond their expectations.” – Geoff L.

“David was an inspiration and a great teacher. He awakens the creative self that often can get neglected by duty and deadlines.” – Char E, WA

“David is an inspiring teacher and motiviating facilitator. He has an easygoing style and lots of creative ideas and real-world suggestions that he shares willingly and a great sense of humor…”


David Julian

Dave Julian is a Seattle-based photographer, illustrator and educator. Between editorial and corporate assignments, he teaches photography at the University of Washington and has run workshops across the US, in CAN, MX, Europe, Cuba, and on small-ship photography adventures. He has exhibited in galleries in the US, Canada, Venezuela and Amsterdam, and his articles and interviews appear online and in print including Nikon World, Outside, National Geographic Traveler, Islands, PRINT, After Capture, Rangefinder, SHOTS, Outdoor Photographer, Scientific American, Digital Photo Pro and FujiLove. Dave is passionate about the intersection of science and art, and for sharing his knowledge to help others grow their creative lives. Peek into his world at   

What David's students have said:

"Working with David was a joyful and inspiring experience!"
- Amanda Sheehan, Sacramento, CA

"The best part was that David (the instructor) encouraged us to 'play' with both photographing & developing. This allowed me to take risks and see differently"
- Frencesca Galluccio-Steele, Portland, ME

"David is a great teacher. He's patient and works with the needs of each individual student while inspiring the whole class to go beyond their expectations."

"It was such a treat to spend the week being with everyone and in the world of David Julian. I had a blast."


Course Dates

Oct 1 to Oct 7



Class Size