Join Dave to learn, practice and enjoy new ways for making compelling travel and street photographs.

Our learning begins with a constructive review of student works to help set goals for the week. We gain further inspiration from images Dave has gathered from several brilliant international photographers. With set goals and serendipitous light, we explore favorite Maine locations and visit local folk to find photogenic opportunities and practice skills. Throughout the week, discussions focus on tuning in, setting intentions, approaching strangers, connecting or not, and designing the frame. Demos include research, preparation, equipment choices, shooting style, POV, timing the moment, and modifying available light. We also experiment with intentional blur, flowing action, backlighting and working at night. Reviews of our location captures deepen the cycle of learning. By week’s end, each student shares a collection of their best images, and contributes to our workshop album. Dave also demonstrates his expert skills in Lightroom and NIK plugins to help students refine their captures and imbue them with personal style.

Any digital camera that has manual exposure mode will suffice for this workshop, and a ‘less is more’ gear philosophy is encouraged. Students are welcome to bring their laptop, mobile tablet or portable desktop computer for organizing and developing their images.


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