Learn to make ambrotypes (glass plates) and tintypes using the 1860s wet plate collodion technique.

Jill EnfieldIn this workshop, students learn how to make ambrotypes (glass plates) and tintypes using the 1860's wet collodion technique.

This process involves the hand-pouring of chemicals onto glass to produce positives or onto negatives or aluminum for tintypes (positives) while the plates are still wet. The course covers the basics from cutting the glass/aluminum to finishing the plates and learning how to mix and handle the chemicals safely.

Using Jill's portable darkroom, the class shoots landscapes as well as still lifes around the Rockport area. While large format and Brownie cameras are available for use during the workshop, students are encouraged to bring their own large format or antique cameras.


"Jill Enfield is a fantastic master photographer. She has a confidence and ability in the medium that allows a free experimentation throughout the workshop process. Not only did I learn the technical process of the tintype in a step by step procedure but Jill shares several tips that only an experienced photographer would have knowledge of.  As wells as an in depth view of the physical process of the tintype, Jill has a pool of knowledge in photography as a whole that makes it the ideal workshop for photographers / artists alike."
- Paula Naughton

"I walked away not only knowing the process but also, many new friends."
- Cole Mahaffey, Marlinton, WV

"This workshop was a game changer for me in terms of the direction I want my work to go."
- Bill Vaccaro, Chicago, IL

Check out Ryan White's time-lapse short of Jill at work in her portable darkroom. Music: "We Insist" by Zoe Keating



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