Produce high-quality, archival, digital fine art prints working with a master in the field.

The Digital Fine Print encompasses workflow from image capture through final printing, empowering participants with the knowledge to produce high-quality, digital, archival, exhibition quality fine art prints.

The first three days introduce a workflow through Lightroom and Photoshop and focus on the skills necessary to produce excellent prints on a consistent basis. The class covers Lightroom Library, Develop and Print Modules; Adobe camera raw, luminosity control; Photoshop overall, broad and local controls, noise reduction and sharpening, evaluation, printers and papers, color management, and display. Special emphasis is placed on George’s Optipix software.

The last two days are spent printing B&W and Color images in the lab with different brands and textures of paper. Emphasis and technique will be placed on good detail in the highlights and shadows, and good separation in the  
midtone values.

Prerequisite: An understanding of camera functions in manual mode and basic computer editing skills are required.


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