The Expressive Landscape is a new master class that explores finding a personal story or new expression in the theatre of the landscape. It is a week of serious immersion into clarifying personal ideas, a survey of profound work across the creative spectrum, and an exploration of styles specific to your voice.

Take just a moment. Close your eyes and think about a place from childhood. Or sit on a twilight beach reflecting on a life moment. Or take a pencil to paper, and explore ideas that have been percolating inside. Chances are, these visceral memories and the images that come to mind, are different than looking straight into a postcard pretty world. From our early journeys filled with childlike wonder, through teenage adventures, and into adult chapters where we journey through experiences of exhilaration, loss, and connection, the landscape of the mind becomes a fertile place to explore in the context of landscape photography.

Our days will be a combination of creative presentations, written explorations, individual assignments tailored to your work, and a review of work in progress. The summer coastline of Maine, with hidden harbors, lush hardwoods forests, old farmsteads, and tranquil interior streams, provide an inspirational backdrop for both contemplation and experimentation. The week will be about thinking inside yourself, practicing outside, and creating your photographic story.

While it is recommended that participants first take Eddie’s core “A Natural Eye” workshop,  there will be no overlap in sessions.  It is most important to show up with ideas, dreams, and some rough-sketched visions, and regardless of the cameras and tools you use, a good photographic foundation.

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