Are you getting the best out of your printer? Do your prints truly express your artistic vision?

Let one of the nation's most respected digital printmakers provide some clarity. Let R. Mac Holbert (Co-founder of Nash Editions, the world's first digital photographic printmaking studio) show you how to truly realize the best from your digital images. As the digital revolution continues, new tools are changing the way we work. Finding a balance between “traditional” imaging software and the new raw convertors can be confusing. Mac uses these tools everyday creating world class digital prints. 

Topics include:

  • Image optimization / workflow philosophy
    • -Workflow is dictated by individual needs
    • -Maintain a non-destructive workflow
    • -Adjust luminosity before color-Sharpen at the end of the optimization process for a specific size and substrate
    • -Be economical and efficient with adjustment layers
    • -Avoid cross-purpose corrections

•  Setting Up Working Environment

  • -Environmental Lighting
  • -Viewing Lighting
  • -Color Setup
  • -Program Specific Preferences
  • -Light room specific settings
  • -One big catalogue -vs- many
  • -Keywording
  • -Photoshop specific
  • -Color Settings
  • -Info Palette Options
  • -History Settings
  • -Backup, backup, backup!

•  Image Optimization

  • -Lightroom Workflow (“Heavy Lifting”)
  • -Noise / Highlight / Shadow correction
  • -Global Tonal Corrections
  • -Global Color Correction
  • -Clarity Adjustment
  • -Cropping
  • -Cleaning / Spotting (Trivial image correction)
  • -Close scrutiny examination
  • -Export to Photoshop or => Print
  • Photoshop Workflow (Final “polish”)
  • -Noise / Highlight / Shadow correction
  • -Global Tonal Corrections
  • -Global Color Correction\
  • -Cropping (Non-destructive)
  • -Cleaning / Spotting (Trivial image correction)
  • -Major image editing
  • -Close scrutiny examination
  • -Regional Tonal Correction
  • -Regional Color Correction
  • -Creative Pixel Alteration
  • -Capture, Creative and Output sharpening
  • -Proof
  • -Final Print

•  Photoshop CS5 Topics

  • -Photoshop and Lightroom Integration
  • -The Smart Object workflow.
  • -What's New in Camera Raw
  • -Noise Reduction
  • -Graduated Filter
  • -Targeted Adjustments
  • -Add Grain
  • -Adjustment Layers & Blending Modes
  • -Adjustment Layers & Blending Modes
  • -Shadow/Highlight Adjustment
  • -Non-Destructive crop
  • -Straighten Tool
  • -Lens Correction
  • -Local Hue, Saturation and Luminosity Adjustment
  • -Resizing, Content Aware Scaling
  • -Content Aware Healing / Moving
  • -3rd party plugins

Participants must bring:

  • 5-10 optimized personal digital files to share with the class
  • Personal digital files to work on in class – (Problematic files are best)
  • A large capacity thumbdrive or portable hard drive
  • Lots of questions


  • Existing prints for review by the instructor.
  • Alternate papers to print on (w/ appropriate ICC profile if available)


Solid Lightoom/Photoshop skills

Mac has imaged and printed for:

Academy of Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences, Aperture Magazine, Lewis Baltz, Harry Benson, The Boston Public Library, Horace Bristol, Jerry Burchfield, Canon USA, John Paul Caponigro, William Claxton, Leonard Cohen. Bruce Dale, Henry Diltz,, Douglas Dubler, Jeff Dunas, George Eastman House, Epson America, Eric Fischl, George Eastman House, Richard Gere, The Getty Museum, Lynn Goldsmith, Greg Gorman, Lois Greenfield, Timothy Greenfield-Sanders, Stephen Hannock, Robert Heinecken, Greg Heisler, David Hockney, Walter Iooss, Jeff Jacobson, David Kennerley, Val Kilmer, Douglas Kirkland, George Krause, Les Krims, Marty Kroft, Gerd Ludwig, Danny Lyon, Jay Maisel, Phil Marco, Steve McCurry, Joe McNally, Ken Merfeld, Pedro Meyer, Arthur Meyerson, MGM, Morrison Hotel, James Nachtwey, The National Gallery UK, Joyce Neimanus, Leonard Nimoy, Olivia Parker, Neal Preston, Chris Ranier, Jack Reznicki, San Diego Museum of Photography, Santa Barbara Museum, Howard Schatz, Jeff Schewe, Mark Seliger, John Shaw, Stephen Shore, Rodney Smith, Smithsonian Institute, Tyler Stapleford, Dave Stewart, Elisabeth Sunday, Tim Tadder, Maggie Taylor, Joyce Tenneson, Amy Toensing, Arthur Tress, Pete Turner, Jerry Uelsmann, Vincent Versace, Warner Bros, Devek Weiner, Robert Weingarten, Stephen Wilkes, Billy Dee Williams, Jamie Wyeth.


© R Mac Holbert

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