A week-long photography/writing workshop

Mawooshen is the name of one of the bands or sub-groups of the Wabanaki, located in what is now Maine.  An ancient homeland to native peoples for thousands of years, Maine is rich in history, legend and lore.  And all of this is set in a country with mythic connotations and an abiding allure.  During this session we will explore Maine through her rich history and connection to land and sea, and investigate how this is changing and what the future may hold.  This class will focus on writing about the environment, natural history and geographic setting of place.

The class will begin by reviewing and discussing the process instructor Jon Levitt went through as he developed the imagery and written content for the book, Mawooshen.  Understanding the mystical, historical, sacred and poetic narratives that run concurrently through Mawooshen, the students will be encouraged to think about their own personal landscapes, and how they translate to a physical place.  The course will combine writing in the form of notebooks, descriptive short narrative and even poetry with each student's method of working, whether it be photography, painting, installation, or a combination of different disciplines, Jon will introduce the artist to his personal working landscape and invite them to respond to it through their own work.  This class is suited for working artists with a body of work, and a mature understanding and grasp of their medium.  Students should come to the course with a desire to explore and be ready to walk and spend time outside in the elements with their camera, before returning to class at various times in the week to write and compile their thoughts and ideas.  

John's latest publication The Land of Mawooshen can be viewed here -- http://www.jonathanlevitt.com/project

Winter/Spring lodging and meal package available for $475. Includes breakfast and lunch Monday – Friday. Dinner services are not available during our Winter/Spring session. Meal plan (mandatory) without lodging $125.


Jonathan Levitt

Jonathan Levitt is a graduate of Hampshire College, the Dubrulle French Culinary Institute of Canada, and the Masters Program in Gastronomy at Boston University. He lives on an acreage near the village of Ducktrap, Maine.



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Course Dates

May 21 to May 27



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