Don't miss a unique opportunity to participate in this 5-day course with Jason Waicunas, a professional photographer and certified outdoor adventure guide.

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Returning students will experience a modified version of the course to avoid overlap of information and to continue their learning experience.

Jason's knowledge of landscape photography techniques combined with his experience as an adventure / travel guide will enable you to learn how to improve your photography by using natural light with a minimal amount of gear in order to avoid making “the same old photo from the same old vantage point."  In addition to technical information, which will emphasize proper exposure, composition, and minimal filtration, you will learn how to choose subject matter in order to improve your creative vision.  Visiting a wide-range of amazing locations with Jason will enable you to learn about the Maine coast while finding a way to make photographs of everything from rusty metallic surfaces to ethereal sunrises and sunset-lit harbors.  Also, you will receive guidance if working on a particular project and a private one hour critique of your work.  Whether you have a particular issue, are stuck in a creative rut, or wanting to learn more about outdoor photography, attending this course will get you on the way to making better photographs and you will have a great time learning about each location!

Daily field trips to some of the most scenic locations along the coast of Maine include:

  • · Vinalhaven
  • · Marshall Point Lighthouse
  • - Camden Hills State Park
  • · The towns and ports of Rockport, Rockland, Camden, and Port Clyde

Recommended for this workshop: A camera and lenses you are familiar with, an extra camera battery, 2 memory cards (empty/formatted), a tripod, a lens cleaning cloth, and a remote shutter release. Also, please bring comfortable shoes for light hiking and an extra layer (fleece / light jacket) since the Maine coast can still be cool during summer. Workshop participants are welcome to contact Jason via phone or email at any time with questions.


"I had a great week at Maine Media Workshops, which allowed for lots of one-on-one time with Jason, who is an approachable and engaging teacher with a playful sense of humor. Combining both guided photo walks at different locations along with classroom/computer time editing and critiquing photos taken, I picked up a number of useful tips on adjusting camera settings for different kinds of light, what lenses to use for different subjects, how to think about framing and composition to create more interesting images, etc.”  Ed McCranie,, Augusta, Georgia.

"We came away from our hiking and photography lessons with Outdoor Viewfinder with great photos, memories of alpine meadows, fresh air, mountain water pumped straight from source, and a feeling that sometime in the future, we could become great outdoor adventurers too."  Helen Gullick, Hamilton, Bermuda

"A good mixture of instruction and field time, with personal attention to the questions each participant needs answered."  Susan Cumming, Mohawk Valley, OR

"Jason was able to quickly quiz me on my knowledge of a camera and then began where my knowledge was lacking, so no wasted time on what I already knew.  I learned so much!"  Cheri LeBlanc, Baton Rouge, LA

"Your technical suggestions and thoughtful comments combined an enjoyable mix of the art and science. Your views on composition were both helpful and stimulating."  Bill Pressley, North Plains, OR

"Jason is the first professional photographer who can explain composition and the technical (in particular) in a way that brought everything together - with simple, clear language, analogies, and examples."  Carole Friedman, Portland, OR

"The typical superlatives don't do justice to the professional, patient, thoughtful attention Jason brings to the outing. I heartily recommend either a one on one or group adventure with Jason to enhance your photographic skills, expand your perspectives on photography and the outdoors. A perfect experience to move me along in a new, more thoughtful direction with camera in hand."  Gary Muncy, Portland, OR

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