Sharpen your senses, focus, and immerse yourself in the stunning Maine landscape.

At the heart of any good photographer is both passion for the subject and the ability to uniquely capture it. This week weaves together eye-opening outdoor experiences, technical lessons, daily critiques, and Eddie's one-on-one meetings with each participant in order to view the natural world with fresh eyes.

This workshop strives to develop a natural eye first, and then technical skills. Students spend as much time changing perspectives, sharpening senses, and immersing themselves in nature as they do developing photographic skills.

Late summer on the coast of Maine is truly magical. During the week, outdoor experiences in diverse areas take students through key steps towards enriching photographs of the natural world, focusing less on objects and more on the magic of moments and the essence of places. Students study the same place in different light and different weather, getting to know it, and seeing it with new eyes. This workshop is for photographers interested in creating more powerful images of the natural world.

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