Some concepts exist beyond the realm of reality, within the limitless scope of our subconscious and creativity.

In this workshop, students will learn how to take abstract ideas and create digital visual interpretations through photography and post-production.

Using symbolic elements and design, students will visually pre-construct their concepts, considering intent for composition, lighting, color, and content. Various camera and advanced Adobe Photoshop techniques will be emphasized to support the construction of their imagery. Students will leave this workshop with the excitement and awareness that any idea is possible.



  • Ability to digitally construct and design “Dream-like” and “Surreal” photographic imagery
  • Explore methods of brainstorming and concept development
  • Pre-conceptualization and strategy
  • Use of abstraction, symbols, and interpretation as forms of visual expression
  • Advance creative Adobe Photoshop editing techniques and organization
  • Photographs and concepts to continue to develop
  • To build confidence in ones ideas


Alicia Savage

Alicia Savage is a self-portrait photographer based out of the Boston, Massachusetts. Her portraits are an organic exploration and evolving documentation of her present and past. Inspired by her curiosity and fueled by her imagination she investigates the internal self and the subsequent places she finds herself within. Utilizing herself as the subject she embraces literal road trips and their consequent metaphorical journeys they evoke. Post-production practices are the second place to layer and expose new landscapes. An echo of the internal and external, the past and present, the known and unknown. Her work includes fine art photography, instruction and creative production. 

Course Dates

Aug 13 to Aug 19



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