Embrace the multi-faceted approach to photojournalism, from developing sensitivity in the field to getting your work seen.

Photographing the world around us often involves a myriad of professional and personal challenges that teach us to be better photographers.  

Whether working in one’s own neighborhoods or overseas, Haviv helps participants better their imagery by focusing on personal visual voice through a combination of portfolio reviews, assignments and editing sessions.  This workshop embraces a multi-faceted approach to photojournalism, from developing a personal sensitivity to working in the field and getting work seen.



“I’d been out of University for 2 years, and was in desperate need of inspiration and direction. I learnt as much from a week of being guided by Ron as I did in my 3 years of formal photographic education. Ron critiqued my work and sent me out with practical, tangible, clear advice on how to move forward with my story. It was an exhausting, at times heart wrenching, and exhilarating process.

Ron is a brilliant photographer, but also a brilliant teacher…this is a rare quality. He knows exactly when to gently coax and encourage, and when to give you bollocking. I sincerely attribute making a successful transition from education to working freelance to him”

Anastasia Taylor Lind, Freelance

“Ron Haviv’s workshop not only gave me the opportunity to go out and shoot a story in a country that I was unfamiliar with, but having Ron analyze and critique the work on a daily basis gave me the confidence to delve deeper, investigate further and never stop working! The skills learned and developed during that wonderful 5 days have stayed with me years later.”

Guy Martin, Panos Pictures

"Encouraging my strengths and pointing out where I needed improvement, Ron’s guidance and insight was invaluable."

Alex Potter, Freelance

 “The workshop was an integral step as I tried to become a professional photographer. Learning about Ron’s inspiring path through photography, while also shooting a small project with his careful guidance, made for for a truly intense but rewarding week! A great photographer who also has the intangible ability to teach young students.”

Ivor Prickett, Panos Pictures

 “Ron’s advice is not just technical, but also creative and intelligent. The subject matter covered in the workshop made me think, understand, and digest what photography is… He continues to be open and accessible to anyone who may need some assistance at some obscure crossroad in their photographic journey.”

Antonio Bolofo, Getty

 “Not every great photographer is a great teacher. The class was engaging, and in many times educational in a very entertaining way. It’s not common to find education fun! But here I was, in the midst of Palm Springs, sitting among inspirational photographers, and having Ron explain why each image was good and how it could be better during class. And he also pushed each student to work on their weaknesses during the one-on-one. It’s something we all need. An encouragement with good guidance. Thank you Ron!”

Tasneem Alsultan, Freelancer

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