Lose your inhibitions and learn to question in order to create compelling portraits.

Explore the art of portraiture and address all of its accompanying hopes and anxieties. What we see is always, in some way, a projection of our own self-image. The process of creating honest portraits takes bravery and, when realized, is a great and exciting discovery of humanity and of self. Students focus on their sensitivity to the subject with the intention of arriving at a picture that is not only interesting to look at but compelling and trustworthy in spirit – much like a good conversation.

Special emphasis is given to a very simple working process, the use of available light, and the photographer's awareness of his or her surroundings. Consideration is given to the intangible issues of making portraits such as: Who is this picture for? What are the expectations? What is hoped for? What is feared? Practical picture making concerns are also addressed such as: How much time do we have to shoot? Where will we work? What is the light like?

Through examining these questions and the path of discussion and practice that follows, students acquire immense knowledge of the portrait. The combination of theory, approach and logistics demystifies many of the questions and accompanying inhibitions photographers associate with compelling portraiture.


"You come nervous and scared, but you leave accomplished and happy with the work you have produced."


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