Photograph the coast of Maine during the lushest and most sought after time of year.

Captivate yourself in an outdoor adventure through the four seasons in the Midcoast. Summer in Maine is an outdoor wonderland. You can explore the coast, mountains, woods, rivers and lakes. Get to know the locals by photographing with acclaimed photographer and Maine local, Neal Parent as you spend time outside during the best season Maine has to offer. Learn the techniques to capture events, beautiful landscapes and breathtaking scenes that are surrounding the workshops’. Photographing during the summer in Maine is everything you’d expect and so much more.

Through in-class instruction, field trips, and critiques. Students discover the ease of photographing while creating breathtaking images during the summer season. The split of field and lab work compliment each other as creating new images and properly processing them is the key to this workshop.

Students should be comfortable with their camera in manual mode. Laptops are encouraged for image editing and processing.  





Jonathan Levitt

Jonathan Levitt is a graduate of Hampshire College, the Dubrulle French Culinary Institute of Canada, and the Masters Program in Gastronomy at Boston University. He lives on an acreage near the village of Ducktrap, Maine.



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© Jon Levitt

Course Dates

Jul 31 to Aug 6




Class Size