Obtaining the perfect print is in reach. Learn it. Do it.

This workshop is designed around "seeing" the print.  It takes students through the process of creating fine prints from their digital files.  The main focus of the class is teaching what a print needs to look like and how to get there so it will be successful as a fine photographic print.  Students work on correct image capture, RAW conversion, file prep, color management, and the tools within Photoshop to make a print the way it needs to be.  This class is for intermediate through advanced.  A basic understanding of Photoshop is helpful and a prerequsite of Digital Printing Techniques: The Basics is encouraged.

Students should bring an assortment of RAW images to work on throughout the week. Some new work will be made during this workshop depending on the weather.


Bob Korn

Bob Korn, owner of Bob Korn Imaging, is a master photographic and digital printmaker.  Over the past thirty years, he has adapted to the constant change of techniques and technology while developing an eye which can see color like no other.  Bob’s prints can be found in every major collection throughout the world, including the Getty, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Museum of Modern Art, and the Smithsonian.  With work shown in such varied and illustrious museums, he truly is a highly prolific artist.

Bob’s reputation for producing unparalleled color prints has generated a clientele of many of the world’s best photographers.  The commitment to quality and client-printer collaboration is what sets Bob and his work apart and has enabled him to work with the likes of Joel Meyerowitz, Gregory Heisler, Richard Avedon, Jay Maisel and numerous others.

Importance of collaboration is also a vital aspect of the printmaking instruction Bob provides. A former teacher at SUNY-Buffalo, New England School of Photography, Maine Media Workshops, Santa Fe Workshops, and Center for Digital Imaging at Boston University, Bob continues to demonstrate his craft as the director and founder of The Workshops @ Bob Korn Imaging.

Course Dates

Sep 13 to Sep 19




Class Size