Snow moon is the name Native Americans have ascribed February’s full moon

The Native Americans have called the February full moon, the snow moon, wolf moon and hunger moon.  Historically February has been the month of greatest snowfall, coldest temperatures, and scarcity of food for all living creatures.   In this class we will explore the moon and it’s place in local mythology, history and the landscape. The moon as metaphor and as physical orb inhabiting the night sky; the moon has always been a prominent feature in the poetic landscape.  We’ll spend time inside and out, looking at images of the night sky and the moon, and reading poems for inspiration.

We will explore writing haiku and short verse, as well as longer narrative poetry forms.  Open to everyone who wants to spend a winter weekend writing and finding inspiration in the natural world.


We’ve shortened the time-frame, but not the excitement of writing with the moon as our metaphor….  This was formerly scheduled for a full week, but now it’s just a weekend, making it possible for more people to explore writing haiku and short verse, as well as longer narrative poetry forms.  Be inspired by the winter landscape and spend a weekend nestled into writing about the natural world in winter with poet Gary Lawless.

Lunch is included both days and lodging is available at $75/night.


Gary Lawless

Gary has taught courses on haiku, poetic forms, creative writing and moutain poets of China and Japan. He also traveled extensively with his teacher, Nanao Sakaki, the wandering Japanese poet, and is Sakaki's American publsiher.He graduated from Colby College with a degree in East Asian Studies, and was recently awarded an honorary Doctor of Humane Letters degree by the University of Southern Maine. After graduating from Colby he lived as “poet’s apprentice” at the California home of poet Gary Snyder. He has been artist in residence at Isle Royale National Park, the Island Institute of Sitka, Alaska, the Beech Hill Preserve, and the Cathance River Preserve. He has taught at Bates College and Mt. Ararat High School, and currently teaches at MidCoast Senior College. He has published 16 collections of poetry in Maine and 5 in Italy. He edits/publishes Blackberry Books and since 1979 has owned Gulf of Maine Bookstore in Brunswick, with his wife Beth. He and Beth live in Nobleboro, Maine, with 2 cats and 2 donkeys.

You can read his poetry blog at                                                Image copyright - Ron Haviv



Course Dates

Feb 4 to Feb 5




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